News Update June 2020

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29th June 2020

Peter, the Apostle, and Paul the teacher of the Gentiles,
these have taught us your law, O Lord.

Dia daoibh go léir!

On this day twelve months ago, we were at Our Lady’s Marian Shrine in Knock for our first National Pilgrimage. We give renewed thanks to God for the graces and blessings of that memorable day. Due to present restrictions, it is not possible for us to make the pilgrimage this year.

Despite not being together on pilgrimage today, the Steering Committee of CCC Adult Studies is in a position to bring you good news. We are delighted to announce a new initiative to help study group members engage with a wide range of catechetical materials devised by The Catechetical Institute, Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio. We especially welcome a four-part multiple choice test prepared by The Catechetical Institute. It is designed to gauge your level of proficiency with the Catechism, each part of which can be taken when an individual completes their study of the requisite part of the Catechism. This will be of particular interest to some of our study group members – past and present.

While the primary and irreplaceable part of the adult learning process takes place through the individual’s personal study and participation in one’s study group, some may wish to undertake these tests as a way of assessing their level of proficiency, including an inbuilt option at the end of the process for certification by The Catechetical Institute, Franciscan University of Steubenville.

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For all questions or queries regarding workshops and related resources available on this platform, please contact The Catechetical Institute via email at
United in Prayer,
CCC Adult Studies Steering Committee

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