Student from Manorhamilton

Student Testimonial

Three years ago, I undertook a Catechism course which was to last for three years. My prime reason for doing the course was to help me understand and learn more about my faith. On the first evening, 23 adults sat opposite a desk where our tutor was seated. Like frightened school children we sat fearful we would be asked a question. However, this was to change as the weeks went by and as we all got to know each other.
From the outset, I realised that the course was what I needed and as time went by I actually enjoyed it. I decided to undertake the Certificate which meant that I would be assessed on my assignments. This , I was to learn, was a good decision because in order to obtain the Certificate I had to research on the various topics and as a result gain more knowledge. I would strongly suggest to future participants to undertake the Certificate as it will be of great personal benefit.
I found the course to be educational, interesting and challenging. In the group discussions , the opportunity was available to voice your opinion. It was in this forum that we actually learned from each other.
After a number of weeks it became obvious to me how little I knew about my religion and in particular the Catechism. An example of this would be the Our Father prayer. This is the ‘complete’ prayer which comes to life at every Mass. Each line of it illustrates the different part of the Mass. It is a powerful prayer. In the Catechism, there is an answer to all questions, from birth to the grave.
To conclude, I would strongly recommend that the Catechism course should be made available in all parishes. Also, I suggest that a topic from the Catechism should be included in the Homily on one Sunday in every parish in every month. This, I believe, would give much needed exposure to the Catechism and over time could be the key to unlock the heart of those who hears it, as well as remove any obstacles to embracing a spirit-led life. The course was enjoyable and informative as well as being a crutch on the journey of life. In fact, the course could be repeated with the assurance that you would learn something new from it each time. It is, in essence, the salmon of knowledge. The greatest compliment I could give the course is that I miss it and look forward to a follow-up course.