Fiona Kiely, Midleton Catechism Study Group

Student Testimonial

Studying the Catechism of the Catholic Church will change your life! I can promise you that. My life is so very different now two years on from starting this course. It will challenge you and make you evaluate every part of your life. It will literally open your eyes and your ears! It made me fall in love with my faith and most importantly Jesus again. I say again, because I had stopped practising my faith and had huge misgivings about our church after all the scandals to hit it in recent decades. You will put down roots in your faith. Roots that will keep you grounded when all the world seems to be questioning the Catholic faith. As a parent the responsibility of depositing the faith to our children was one of the first things I learned on this course. This course has changed all our lives. We are now a practising Catholic family and so proud to be one. We do weekly Eucharistic Adoration together, attend mass most days, are deeply involved in our local church. This is only a small example of how our lives have changed, through me studying the Catechism. We begin our final year in September which begins with the Ten Commandments. I’m dreading it (but thank God for Confession), but I’ll be there every Wednesday night.